Oct 12th - A Love Note from Lex & Andi

Hi Bad Kids,

We wanted to tell you why our event on October 12th is different from all other events (yes, we are Jews and that is 100% a Jew reference right there!) We want to fill you in on why we are more excited about this one than any of the other crazy bangers that we have thrown this year. This one is important to us as it marks the introduction of our "new way" forward. We have been to so many festivals, shows, what we like to call “EDM nights out” and we recognize that, although it is our livelihood and its amazing to hear the beats drop over and over again, there is a need for something different. Something new. Something ... unbelievable.

The October 12th launch of our 2013 Fall Collection is the start of many exclusive and unique experiences that we are hosting to freshen up the scene. To open up new doors in the EDM community and provide experiences that are different from what we are all used to. Don't get us wrong - we love a good night out at Stage 48 listening to the tunes of Krewella ... but we want to provide the community we love most with experiences tying together all of our passions.

From an EDM-based fashion show, to partying beside 6ft tall robots, to panels with up-and-coming DJs talking about trends in the industry, to providing educational raving experiences showcasing how to party safely ... we want to provide more intimate, exclusive, stand-out events for the people who simply cannot live without EDM for a single day. Starting January 2014, we are announcing events that will completely change the way you view raving and we sincerely hope you will join us on the next phase of our magical Bad Kids journey. Don't worry, events that we consider staples aren't going anywhere (cough cough - EDM Brunch). We are simply diversifying our offerings and introducing a new way of living out your EDM-infused life.

We are here to provide you with more intimate EDM settings, more connections to like-minded and diverse EDM-lovers, safer raving, unbelievable nights out and most importantly, with one hell of a good story the next morning. So from the bottom of our hearts, we hope you can come out this Saturday - whether it be to the VIP portion of the night, or when doors open to the general public - to celebrate and be warmly welcomed into the Bad Life.

Much love,

Andi & Lex


Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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