2013 Fall Collection Fashion Show - A Letter to the Staff

The first-ever Bad Kids Fall Collection Fashion Show that took place on October 12th was beyond a success and it wouldn’t have come together without an outstanding team.

Thank you to all of those who attended, and all of those who supported. If you weren’t able to make it - don’t worry - you can see the full photo album HERE, or watch the teaser video below:

The rest of the videos are going live on our site and social media in the coming days! If you want a little more insight on how this whole thing went, we'll share with you a letter that was written to the staff recapping the experience and talking about each of their contributions - it went something like this:


It has taken me quite some time to get all my thoughts down, as I have been processing what to say to you all for the last 48 hours. I am going to start this very, very long winded note by recapping things that were running through my head the entire weekend and even before when prepping for this event. I want to recap the experience in full, for my pleasure, but also to let you know how I really feel about you all and to thank you - over and over again.

I think it was two weeks back, I looked at the calendar and said out loud, “OH FUCK - the fashion show…” I had forgotten about it completely. Two weeks to plan an event with many layers and lots of production work - great, Lex and I are never going to sleep again. I called Lex and I remember saying, almost exactly this to her, “Listen, sometimes we just have to accept that not every event is going to be a grand slam and sometimes we just have to be ok with a little defeat.” She agreed and it seemed almost immediately a weight was lifted off our shoulders. I told her I wasn’t going to invite too many people and that it would just be some fun, cute thing we do for our friends. This is me calling a spade a spade (yup, I said it.)

Kayla - our designer, Kay - our photographer and Lex come over to my apartment to discuss the fashion show in depth and we start talking about “the way forward.” I go into some rambling diatribe about the EDM movement and how we are going to revolutionize the way people view the scene, while Lex is talking about our consumers and how to reach them via social media, while Kay was talking about how to capture the moment, and Kayla giving her input and feedback on designs that she would personally wear through an EDM streetwear collection. I remember thinking to myself in that moment, “what if this were the Bad Kids team, or the start of it… we could really turn this into Bad Kids 2.0.”

A few days later I have finished outlining the concept for the fashion show and I start reaching out to partners who are going to help make the event more dynamic. Lex and Kayla say they still need more time on the designs and will show them to me in a few days, so I start just planning away. We call up DutchCraft Vodka, EyeParty, Britt’s Blossoms and 59 Threads to help bring the fashion show and 2 hour open bar experience to life. Liza - our PR guru - was immediately called upon to help get some interesting influencers in the room, but I am still apprehensive about the event which is freaking me out. This is an uncommon feeling in the world of Bad Kids, as we usually have more time to plan but onward ... we have a job to do.

That’s when one thing after another started to go wrong. I was having major issues with the venue daily, I had no models, I have a choreographed fashion show in my mind but no way to practice, Lex, Kayla and I were up working around the clock so sleep was rare, I have my full time job to worry about … so needless to say, things were getting hectic and pseudo panic - commence.

So first up, the models. The first people that came to mind were Mike Fogarty - one of the first Bad Kids customers - because he knows a lot about fashion and has sick moves. Timmy Sheridan - friends of Kayla so immediately part of the family - because he has one hell of a personality and nailed it in our last photo shoot (we call him “The Face”). Next up - girls. Steph Tucker - a newer member to the Bad Kids crew - because she is one of the most dedicated Bad Kids we have ever met and shes beautiful. Then the next three were in question… who the heck do we pick? I call my mentee from college, Blanca, who lives in Ohio to see if she would be interested. Why Blanca… well I have known her for years now and I have watched her grow from a little baby high schooler to a Senior in college and I couldn’t help but to think - sure she is going to be nervous - but man is she perfect for this job. Beautiful, smart, funny, dedicated, hard working… of course my little Blanca! Then I remembered seeing pics of her super hot friend Leah and couldn’t help but to inquire. Bam - secured and why not bring Leah’s smoke show boyfriend, Rock, along too to fill the final role of male model number three.

Ok, some planning is done, but every day as the venue is falling apart before my eyes, the Bad Kids team is killing it. Kayla and Lex present me designs - I freak. Immediate thoughts on all, “obsessed.” I literally have no comments really aside from “which one do I get to wear?!” I’m starting to feel so much better about the production quality of this event, and I’m thinking, “yep I told Lex I wasn’t going that many people … I’m inviting EVERYONE now.” Next thing you know, with the help of Kay (and seriously a shit ton of help from Kay - I mean staying up all night doing this) we have shared upwards of 500+ emails with press from all over the NY area and our VIP membership base for Bad Kids. We spread the word to our universal database as well keeping this event top-of-mind. The response from press continues to grow and the VIP Bad Kids are signing up like crazy. I am dying - the response is off the walls! Now I am sitting at my office texting people letting them know “this party is going to blow your mind.”


This, once again, is not some little thing for our friends - its a wildly important event for us with lots of peoples eyes on the production, content, and fashion. There really is a lot on the line for us. We are showcasing our “way forward” and how we plan on making EDM a more dynamic and unique industry where it isn’t so much about the drugs and drinking, but about the once-in-a-lifetime experiences had by people who are all coming together because they just love this type of music and the commodore it forms. This one is Lex and my reputation on the line - we are supposed to throw epic parties - and now there aren’t just our friends eyes on us, but beyond. Big time and what will make this come to life - the family.

Now lets flash to the Thursday before the event. The crew take a walk through the venue. They have nothing ready for our event. No stage, no lights, no step and repeat holster. All the things they promised us - nothing. Liza pulls me aside and says, “I got this.. one phone call.” Next thing you know we have a stage, and a step and repeat holster with 24 hour notice. This guy says to Liza, “anything for you,” and my girl crush goes up about 100 points and I am filled with love. I text Kay about the lights - response, “I got you girl, two steps ahead.” Expected from this one, and relieved. Now I’m thinking to myself, “I seriously love these people. I can count on them, they are dedicated, and they are seriously rock stars all around. Lex and I are lucky.”

Friday before the event and I am sweating. It’s 8pm and we are pulling together the styles and the runway performance at the same time. There are about 10 people in my tiny apartment and I am feeling the heat - literally and figuratively. I am thinking, “we have one shot man, we gotta get this right.” I leave Mike and Tim in the living room to start thinking of how to bring EDM into a traditional runway format. I come back an hour later - the concepts are AWESOME and I love how they have incorporated dance into the boring, traditional fashion show. As each girl model finishes styling, Mike and Tim are bringing them in - teaching them, coaching them, and inspiring them. It was actually quite amazing to watch. In the other room, Tricia - our brand spanking new stylist - is pulling together outfit concepts and I’m looking at her like, “wait, whattt you sure?” Leah puts on an outfit that conceptually I am not sure of, and BAM it’s PERFECT. I actually think I started screaming out loud when I saw it as it looked so amazing. Now I’m thinking, “well Tricia, don’t even know you that well but damn you fit right in! You are KILLING it.” All her suggestions, comments, thoughts were perfectly aligned with our Bad Kids strategy and thinking - only after a few hours of KNOWING one another. Love this girl.

As each model is practicing alongside 16ft measuring tape pulled out across my living room floor, I am astounded as to how fast they are picking it up. Listening, focusing, patiently thinking - it was impressive to see the team coming together, everyone feeding off one another and the positive energy flourishing throughout my tiny NYC apartment. Rock’s face the entire time was that of pensive concentration and eagerness to get this right. It was pretty awesome. It’s now 1:30am and everyone is tired. We have practiced 1,000x in the span of two hours and it’s time for a break. I naturally cannot sleep.

We get to the venue at 12:30pm on Saturday. Emily - our lovely intern - and I have taken a cab together and I am texting frantically as the messages start piling in. However, while I’m texting not speaking to Emily per usual - as she frequently watches me act this way under pressure - I am thinking of an email I received early that day from her. She said she wanted to do the best she could today and wanted to know “the right things to say” when doing her job. So basically, she wanted to make sure that she was emulating the Bad Kids image perfectly as she and Taryn - our hot sales manager - have the hardest jobs in the group - bouncing. Managing who is coming in and out and who is going to see this epic production we have all been waiting for. The first interaction with media, influencers, Bad Kids VIPs will be with Emily and how they view Bad Kids from the minute they walk in the door will set the mood for the rest of the night. If I were her, I would be sweating bullets - but no - she just wanted to know how to do the best job she could. We all know I feel about that.

We are at the venue and we are working like maniacs. Over and over and over again running through the production. I’m looking around and everyone is coming together and just feeding off each others energy. The only thing against us is time right now, but some how, some way we are all making the most of it and the experience is coming together almost perfectly. The model pairs - Tim and Blanca, Rock and Leah and Steph and Mike are perfect. Everyone is working and trying and most importantly inspiring. I am loving every minute of it.

Kay and Ian - our videographer - show up. I have been obsessed with Ian’s work since the day I met him, the thoughts are the same as always - thank god this guy is here, I can’t wait to see it all, he is going to fucking kill this. I never really put much thought into Ian because I don’t have to - it’s always the same - amazing and truly mind blowing with professional production quality that really brings Bad Kids to life. I have watched every one of his videos 1,000,000x and have shared with anyone I come in contact with. Of course there is Kay - my sister and someone who I have gotten so close with over the last few months. I can count on her for anything. Literally...anything. I will get it done fast, it will get done exceptionally and it will get done with a lot of fun sass along the way that makes each experience one for the books. Her passion is contagious and it really is a huge part of it means to be a Bad Kid - never give up, never surrender. I can count that Kay will remind everyone in the room over and over again what it means to be Bad. The core team is here, let’s fucking go!

The day is going by and the more and more we practice the more and more impressed I am. Everyone gets it, everyone is working together, everyone is amazingly talented. Kayla is texting us from her vacation over and over again saying she wishes she were there and how sad she is to miss this - and its just that dedication and commitment that continuously makes my heart sing. Young Adam Dishian - our up-and-coming intern - is running around putting out any fire that comes up. From the venue being too hot, to the needs of all the staff.. anything you ask him, he is on it and he is on it faster than the speed of light. You can tell his passion and commitment are unrivaled and at such a young age he is already a total rock star. Harrison - our other photographer - is leading the way with the music cues for the fashion show and snapping pics at the same time. I am thinking to myself about THIS ONE… I met this kid on a boat a few months ago, and I can’t imagine my life without him. Becoming one of my closest friends in the city, independent of Bad Kids, now I get to see him work and man - this guys got SKILLS. Every suggestion, comment, thought from Harrison is DEAD on and his patience and focus is outrageous. All I can think is, “welp, you’re on for the next 1,000 Bad Kids events...if you’ll have it!?”

It’s now 6pm before the show. I am laying in bed as my eyes are burning with exhaustion. I’m not so much nervous anymore as the adrenalin is actually preventing me from sleeping. The girls start getting ready with Kristi - our makeup artist and Tricia and I’m listening to Tricia do an interview with Ian. I actually almost started to cry because she has been in the mix for five minutes and was able to summarize PERFECTLY what we are trying to do with Bad Kids. We go to the venue at 6:30 and now it’s show time. The real deal.

I don’t know Kristi at all and shes putting makeup on all the girls. Amazing. It is perfect. No direction needed, no suggestions required… just done. Done fast and done well. Clearly you are related to Kayla (she actually is Kayla’s sister!) We walk through a few more times and it is perfect. Jascha from The Dream Lab shows up and all he can say is “wow.” Impressing a dude that builds robots for a living and then gets in them and sprays CO2 in everyone’s faces is … in my opinion … quite the feat. I am happy. I am ready!

The party starts, the show goes on and it is true perfection. No one misses a beat. The vibes in the room are outstanding. The crowd is going wild. Steph walks down the runway and I literally watch jaws drop as she has the most outrageous look on her face - a whole side of Steph you might never have noticed before. It was as if all that practicing led up to one moment where she just blew you away - she was saving it and man, did she kill it. Show stopping. You know, you were all there. Meanwhile, Taryn and Mikaela - heading up sales throughout the night - were sharing our latest shirt designs with everyone in sight and helping showcase the new way forward perfectly, while our buddy David was helping with all the heavy lifting, packing up the venue as the night concluded, (believe it or not, that goes a long way around here with the Bad Kids - we are predominately small girls!)

But the part of the story you might not know is what happened to me when I was skipping down the runway with Lex as the show concluded.

I thought to myself - this is what life is all about. Working hard for something you care about, surrounding yourself with people who are extraordinary, dedicating yourself to something, creating something in your mind and bringing it to life, celebrating success, accepting defeat, learning, living, loving… All the things I have outlined for you in this incredibly long note ... that is what living is all about to me. But even more so, what life is all about is finding that one person that changes you forever. Your soul mate. As a dear friend once said, the meaning of life is about finding that one person that is your match - doesn’t have to be a romantic partner - but finding the person that completes you. And that for me is Lex. My best friend, my business partner, and my life. I wouldn’t be writing you this email without her today and for that I am beyond grateful, as Saturday’s fashion show was the best day of my life and it happened because of her. I talk to Lex every single day - in the best moods, in the worst moods - and it is the highlight of each one. She completes me, and as lame as that sounds, its the god honest truth. My life, simply, would be nothing without her.

So the morale of this note is this - thanks to all of you for not only reminding me what it means to be a Bad Kid, but showing me what life is all about and for providing me with the best weekend of my young adult life. You are all inspiring humans, outstanding individuals and even more so - some people I can honestly say are my closest friends. There will be many more, and this group of people will be the ones I call, and I hope that this is the start of something beautiful between us all. When we wrote the mission statement for Bad Kids …

We are a lifestyle brand, we live in the moment, we celebrate EDM and we love life.

I never expected us to be here. This is just the beginning and just the start of a beautiful journey that I hope you can all be a part of.

Again, thank you for everything and STAY BAD.


Andi Cross
Andi Cross


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