Justin and Gabrielle - Our Bad Kids Giveaway Love Story

Almost exactly a year ago today, we launched our first giveaway with Pacha NYC for 2 free tickets to go to and party with us at Knife Party's Halloween show at Pier 94.  For frame of reference, it was the same night we dressed up as amazeballs RaveTroopers (see below):


Anyway, it was one of the first big giveaways we did like this, and so it was very important to us that the winner we selected really enjoyed themselves and had a night with us that was out of this world.  Little did we know that choosing our winner would set into motion a series of events that led to two people finding who they now refer to as "the love of their life".

The winner we selected was Justin Bartalits - and we could not have asked for a better winner. He was beyond excited to come and hang out with us...but he was even more excited to ask a girl he had a crush on, Gabrielle, to be his +1, although they didn't really know eachother at all.

When Andi and I first met them at Pier 94, we thought they were already a couple.  Check out our first meeting with Justin and Gabrielle below:  


What we later learned was that this was actually their very first date. And it actually took a LOT to get them both there.  

Check out Justin's story below:

The winning ticket...

Did I think love was possible? Yes. Did I think the perfect relationship I’ve dreamed of was possible? Ehh I had my doubts. Did I think that all of this was possible by winning a ticket to a rave at the last minute? Absolutely not! But it did and I am in love now more than ever and have all the thanks to give to the miracle makers at BKC!


About one year ago, last Halloween , as it got closer and closer to the date and I was trying to figure out what the most appealing event was, it seemed all my friends were going to a party my best buddy was hosting so, naturally I planned to go as well.  However I kind of had the itch to do more than a party and an opportunity suddenly presented itself. I saw that a new group I had liked on Facebook was running a contest to win 2 tickets to Knife Party and Tommy Trash that very same night. I immediately got excited and entered the contest.  Then after a few minutes reality set in and I started to have my doubts... I mean, I’ve never won anything like this before, why would this time be any different?

The day before the show, I went about my normal activities and while I sat in my living room a call came through from my friend yelling and screaming “I just jumped in the air for you bro I’m so happy you deserve it!” It caught me so off guard - I had no idea what he meant and hadn’t been on Facebook all day, so I asked “What are you talking about??” He replied, “you won dude! you won the tickets to Knife Party and Tommy Trash!” At that point I lost my mind and got overwhelmed with excitement! I couldn’t believe that I finally won something like this and at the last minute too! I immediately emailed Bad Kids thanking them so much for picking me and expressed my excitement and how I couldn’t wait to rage with them! As I paced back and forth from being high on the moment I thought to myself, “Who am I going to take? Wait… Dammit! All my friends are going to this party!” I called my buddies and begged them to come. Since it was so last minute and they were already committed they couldn’t come… I started panicking because showing up to an event alone when I had a +1 would be simply embarrassing, but I was out of options.  I turned to my two best buddies one last time, begging them, “please come its gonna be a blast one of  you have to come with me!”  They declined my offer again, but they suggested that I should take a girl that I met very briefly at this party a couple weeks ago who they were friends with. I thought they were out of their minds! I mean yeah the chick was gorgeous but I hardly remembered her name – I was not at all prepared to ask her out on a first date to a rave in the city last minute on Halloween weekend. But they insisted “take gabby, I’m telling you, you’ll have fun go for it”. I was going back and forth trying to gather enough courage to most likely get shot down by this girl and was seconds away from passing on the kind gesture that I got from BKC and giving the ticket away to a group on Facebook, I finally said to myself  “screw it, no risk no reward”! So I asked her.. I didn’t expect her to say yes right away and was prepared when she threw a very typical excuse my way, but I just couldn’t take no for an answer. This was it, she had to go! After putting up a brief fight she finally said yes! oh thank god.. I couldn’t have been more relieved and was back to being excited!

As I’m getting my costume together for the event the following night, reality hit me once again and a million thoughts started rushing through my head! “Bro, your taking this hot chick who you hardly have spoken with to a rave in the city dressed as a chip-n-dale stripper… What if you pick her up and her parents answer the door and you’re there, pretty much naked just rocking your cuffs and bow tie!? The train ride is an hour and a half - think about how awkward it’s gonna be if you don’t hit it off and you’re just sitting there in silence!” So I started thinking of conversation starters to make sure there would be no awkward silences and decided to throw her a text instead of knocking on the door just to be safe. I pick her up and the situation of winning the tickets actually helped because it paved the way to start a good conversation and surprisingly my conversation starters were working really well and we seemed to hit it off great!

As we arrived to the event that nervous excitement kicked in and we couldn’t wait to get in and party it up! We got in and then met up with Lex and Andi from Bad Kids and I was immediately much more at ease being with a group.  The thing was, they thought we were already a couple.  I laughed and smiled and then said “no we just recently met and this is our first date!” I think everybody was in shock because of the energy that we both had towards each other – it was like we were already dating.

I couldn’t believe how well things were going.  I mean it was the BEST date I’ve ever had and being on that high in the mix with thousands of people dancing to our favorite music, she pulled me in for our first kiss and even with all the madness going on around us it felt like time stood still. I mean a lifetime could have gone by and I wouldn’t have even known it. The night continued to get even more amazing as time went on and by the end my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I knew at that point that this was something special - I mean with how hectic it all started  and how perfect it turned out, this was no ordinary date, this was extraordinary and I had to capitalize on that and make my move. In the following days I couldn’t get my mind off her if I tried and we talked from sun up until sundown using every possible excuse to see each other. It’s was no doubt that this was going to be true love..

It’s been a year since that magical date happened and who knows what would have happened if I didn’t get picked. Would I have ever even seen her again? Where would I be in life? So many things could be so different but it was the best thing that ever happened to me to win those tickets.  They chose me, I chose her, and love chose us. The last year has been the best of my life and we’ve shared so many memories together whether it was hitting a festival to rave out or sharing a quiet evening in I wouldn’t have changed a single detail.  Everything happens for a reason and I like to call Lex and Andi my little cupids because if it wasn’t for them none of this would be possible! We’ve met up with them on multiple occasions and every time I do I think back to that night and look how far we’ve come and just smile. There’s with no doubt that this will be my last first date story to share… ;)




Adorable, right? Here's the story from Gabrielle's perspective:

Bad Kids Changed My Life

Even though it’s been a year, this night feels like it was just yesterday. The night of October 25th I clearly remember talking with one of my guy friends and telling him how I have no luck in love and I was ready to find someone who makes me happy. I told him that his friend Justin had messaged me and he said he was a great guy and I should talk to him. Within a few hours, he texted me again saying that Justin had won  tickets to Knife Party and Tommy Trash for the next day and he urged him to ask me. At that very moment I was shocked and nervous about what I should do and thought “I don’t even know this guy, let alone think about going into the city with him alone for a show.” I saw that he asked me on Facebook to go but I had to sleep on it and try to figure out the best answer to his invitation. Of course I wanted to go to this show and dress up but did I want to go with someone I’ve never hung out with before or even had a conversation with?  I texted him the next morning and explained that I had plans the morning after the show and wasn’t sure if it was smart to be out to late. He replied with,”I’ll have you home whatever time you would like”.  As I read that, I could tell he was truly a gentleman and couldn’t say no when he must have been nervous to ask me in the first place. And on top of that he was hands down the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

As the night approached, I was so nervous and had no idea what was in store for us. The car ride and the hour and a half train ride were filled with ongoing great conversation without any awkward silences. He was funny, charming, kind, and gorgeous! When we walked into Pier 94 we immediately wanted to meet Lex and Andi from Bad Kids and thank them for such an awesome night we were about to experience. Lex and Andi were the sweetest and friendliest girls that I could have imagined. They kept saying to me” I’m so glad you and your boyfriend won!” countless times over and over again. I decided not to say anything at first but then I leaned in and said “He’s actually not my boyfriend and I barely know him” They were shocked but still happy that we were both there and thought we looked great together.

Justin was so energetic, so happy, and so much fun to be around.  I asked him if we could go up to the front of the stage and as soon as I said that he grabbed my hand and we pushed through the crowd. It was at that moment that I felt a rush of all these feelings that were uncontrollable, the best feelings I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t help myself so I went in for a kiss as I wiped the sweat off of his face. Nothing has ever felt so right or so perfect.

After that night, I couldn’t get enough of him. He was everything I’ve ever wanted. For weeks after that all we could talk about is how happy we were that he won those tickets and what would happen if he never did. For the past year, I have fell more in love as each day goes on and I couldn’t be happier with how my life turned out because he is in it and because he won the contest. None of this would be possible without Bad Kids. It was as if Lex and Andi heard my request to find love and granted it within seconds. We continue to always try to attend Bad Kid’s events because that is where our love started and we are so lucky to have met them and to have won those tickets!

-Gabrielle  =) <3X

So there you have it! Bad Kids can help you find love! Maybe just for the night, or maybe for a year, or maybe forever...time will tell.  We love seeing Justin and Gabby together because it always reminds us of a really great time in Bad Kids company history :) It's very rewarding for us to be able to make other people happy and we hope to keep doing it each and every day.

Even better news - we're doing another giveaway with Pacha NYC for two tickets to see Steve Aoki at Pier of Fear this weekend that you can enter right NOW! Love may be just around the corner for you, kids...

You can enter that giveaway HERE! 

Hope you kids have a very happy and loving Halloween <3

Stay Bad,


Lex Houser
Lex Houser


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