PLUR PROJECT: Bad Kids x Manila Killa Shirt for the Philippines

*UPDATE* Sales have been so great that we want to keep this fundraiser going by releasing a second shirt design:

This shirt, along with the original design, will be available for purchase until January 1st, 2014.  Both are limited edition.

Get the new Filipino Star Edition HERE!


Read about the original initiative below:

If you've ever seen/heard/interacted with Bad Kids, then you know, our brand is about celebrating and living your life to the fullest.  We like to be wild and crazy, that's for sure.  But as we've grown, something that's become more and more important to us is The PLUR Project - the philanthropic division of our company - which aims to take on initiatives that help spread the message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

A big part of the Bad Kids brand is attempting to use our voice and our network to help and give back to the people who need it when trying times arise in our world.  We've already completed a few successful PLUR Projects in 2013, but it's been a while since we did one, so when the Philippines Typhoon tragedy occurred a month ago, we wanted to do something to contribute and add this to our growing collection of PLUR Projects.  

It was then that we were approached by Brett from Daily Beat who is personal friends with, Manila Killa, an up-and-coming DJ who is originally from the city of Manila in the Philippines and still has family and friends who currently live in the affected area.

We realized this was a perfect opportunity to combine our efforts and team up with someone in the EDM-sphere who is directly connected with this cataclysmic event, and try and do something together to help out and raise money for the Philippines relief efforts. 

We worked with Daily Beat, Manila Killa, and our designer Kayla to create this shirt that represents both Manila Killa and his love for the Philippines:  

This shirt will be sold on our site HERE for $19.99 and $10 from each shirt sold will be donated directly to The Javier-Leyte Disaster Relief Operation to help with Philippines relief efforts.

Manila Killa himself explains why this collaboration is so important to him:

I'm Manila Killa, and I'm an artist who represents Washington D.C. and Manila, Philippines. Half of my life was spent in the Philippines - this is where I developed my passion for dance music, life-long friendships and learned to love who I was and where I come from. Unfortunately, the same place that has brought me so much joy has been hit with devastation. Typhoon Yolanda hit just 4 weeks ago, and an incredible number of hard-working Filipinos have lost their homes and families. That's why I am honored to collaborate with Bad Kids Clothing to bring the dance music community together and fight for a worthy cause. I have helped in designing my first piece of merchandise, where all profits and proceeds will be going directly into the hands of the Filipino people, through the help of the Javier-Leyte Disaster Relief Operation. This is where we can make a true difference in changing lives, for those who need it the most. 

The electronic dance community is special. There is a lot of love, giving, and selflessness incorporated into this culture. We at Bad Kids are very excited to collaborate with Manila Killa and Daily Beat to try and direct that love to a place that really needs it right now.  

Purchase this shirt and help raise money for the Philippines HERE.

As an additional thank you for your advanced support, we are exclusively debuting his newest original track, "Pagmamahal":

Lex Houser
Lex Houser